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Entertainment Software Association’s new campaign promotes positive impact of video games

The Mount Vernon Square-based org's new Game Generation campaign features the benefits of video game play at home, in classrooms, at the workplace and more.

Mount Vernon Square-based Entertainment Software Association (ESA) recently launched a national campaign to highlight the positive impact of video games on people’s lives.

ESA offers services to interactive entertainment software companies. Last year, the association surveyed national gaming data and found that 73% of Americans play video games to relieve stress. Its new campaign called Game Generation features the benefits of video game play at home, in classrooms, at the workplace and more.

“Game Generation is about celebrating the more than 164 million Americans who love video games and the positive impact that play can have, not only in players’ lives but across communities, families, industries, and in tackling societal challenges,” said ESA President and CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis in a statement. “This initiative will amplify the collective experiences of the millions who, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or political views, enjoy video games and share that joy with their children, families, and friends.”

Some other statistics ESA found in its latest survey:

  • 73% of parents view their kids’ experience with video games as beneficial
  • 65% of gamers play with others or in online communities
  • 52% of Americans agreed that teamwork and collaboration could be developed or improved through gaming

ESA launched an online platform to act as a hub for the campaign, where gamers can connect to share how video games impact them and access resources that promote positive game play. Parents who like to manage their young gamers can also tap into some resources to promote safe gaming for their kids.

As part of the campaign, ESA hosted a discussion with Washington Post Live on Feb. 6 that featured gaming experts discussing the power of video game play.

The initial phase of this campaign will also include ESA releasing stories and interviews from the lens of gamers, teachers and scientists throughout 2020 on the hub, with more plans to be announced.

“With the continued growth of the industry, and exciting innovations and developments in esports and other platforms, the power of play is inspiring students to learn better, providing the jobs of tomorrow, helping to solve big challenges through the application of technology, and moving us to engage on important societal issues,” Pierre-Louis said. “We are excited about sharing and celebrating these contributions.”


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