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What does a cybersecurity career actually entail? Vanguard leaders offer the lay of their land

Members of the investment management giant's enterprise security team break down their work in this Developers Conference video panel.

Cybercrime often targets finance-focused companies like Vanguard. (Photo by Flickr user Richard Patterson, used under a Creative Commons license)
What do cybersecurity professionals at major fintech and investment management firms really do?

The leaders of enterprise security operations at Vanguard discussed the particulars of their jobs, as well as how to go about building a cybersecurity career, during a panel tied to (but preceding) last week’s Developers Conference.

The conference, which was a constituent event of the 12th annual Philly Tech Week presented by Comcast, featured technologists at major companies in’s markets who spoke about the logistical and ideological themes that guide their daily work. This particular panel, involving people working on the Valley Forge, Pennsylvania-based company’s cyberhygiene, also overlapped with themes exhibited during our Cybersecurity Month last month.

Over the course of April, we covered many ways to break into the cybersecurity industry. This editorial calendar theme incorporated articles on where to find cybersecurity jobs, bootcamps and resources to upskill into the industry and demos of what it’s like to be a cybersecurity professional. The Vanguard team’s Developers Conference vid acts as an amalgamation of all three.

Speakers like Incident Response Manager Christina McMahon, Identity and Access Management Global Head Srinath Chigullapalli, Senior Manager of DevSecOps Jake Webster, Senior Fraud Investigator Greg Zaharchuk and Senior Manager of Enterprise Authentication Platforms and Services Anand Subramanian all offered an overview and brief explainer of  what they do for the investment management titan.

You can use their explainers as a collective introduction to a prospective cybersecurity employer. For novices in the field, it can also offer a resource and glossary of cybersecurity professional responsibilities. Others seeking an in-depth breakdown of what it means to be a cybersecurity professional for a non-cyber-exclusive employer can find more takeaways throughout the video.

Check out “Securing your security career with Vanguard” below.


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