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Fantastic cybersecurity jobs and where to find them

Employers throughout various industries in Baltimore and Maryland are looking for cyberworkers. Here's a brief roundup of places to look.

Are you ready for a job in cybersecurity?

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There are nearly 600,000 unfilled cybersecurity positions in the United States. That’s a large number, though it doesn’t quite tell you where in your state those jobs might live.

For those in and around Baltimore — the largest city in a state boasting 21,920 cyber vacancies — here are a couple of companies in the city and region with open cybersecurity roles:

Point3 Security

This Baltimore-based cybersecurity talent training company company uses ESCALATE, a talent screening platform that assesses and prepares cybersecurity professionals while ensuring they have the requisite applicable knowledge for cyber jobs. The company offers not only this training platform, but job placement as well.


The cybersecurity consulting company is the first from 2022 RealList Startups-honored founder Tina Williams Koroma. Her second company, CyDeploy (which earned her a place on our RealList Startups roster this year), is also looking for C-suite executives.


The cybersecurity startup closed a seed funding round last month and aims to grow its 15-person team with a technical account manager, full stack developer and business development account executive.


Although the company identifies and trains people from all backgrounds to become software engineers, the skills its programs teach are relevant to cybersecurity careers as well. Catalyte’s platform offers an avenue to getting hired in tech fields, including the cyber one, and has seven US hubs beyond its facility in Baltimore’s Otterbein neighborhood.



The civic tech startup, which won a $120 million dollar federal contract last year, is looking to hire software engineers and product designers galore. While the company is not specifically seeking a cybersecurity analyst, its website’s pitch your position allows you to make your case to work there.

T. Rowe Price

It’s not just startups or tech companies looking for cybersecurity professionals. In fact, most multinational organizations would prefer to have their own internal cybersecurity team instead of outsourcing the work. Investment management giant T. Rowe Price, which recently broke ground on its future Harbor Point HQ, is one of several now looking to hire cybersecurity workers.

The federal government

For students, there’s the NSA Cooperative Education program that offers semester-long rotations between coursework and full-time work with the agency. The Department of Defense has a similar program called the DoD Cyber Scholarship Program. Maryland is even starting to build out it’s own cybersecurity department, thanks to the appointments of the state’s first-ever data and privacy chiefs. Those hires are anticipated to trickle down to every state agency, which are expected to appoint their data officers and assist the corralling of interagency data.

Know of any more places looking for cybersecurity professionals? Let us know at, anytime.

Donte Kirby is a 2020-2022 corps member for Report for America, an initiative of The Groundtruth Project that pairs young journalists with local newsrooms. This position is supported by the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation. -30-
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