Cybersecurity Month 2022

What’s driving the nationwide need for cyber professionals, and what is the local response? What are the latest security skills being demanded by local employers, and how can technologists develop them? How can data care be better adopted by technologists and non-technologists alike?

In April 2022, Cybersecurity Month, Technical.ly is focusing extra reporting on the state of the cybersecurity industry, locally and nationally. Our reporting will take a special focus on how many and what types of cyber jobs are available in our markets — and how those looking to enter the field can train for them — as well as how individuals and companies can protect themselves from attack.

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Civic News

As Baltimore rebuilds from 2019 ransomware attack, is $10 million for a cure better than prevention?

By Donte Kirby

Baltimore city’s own documents, sourced by Technical.ly through a FOIA request, paint a picture of how and with who the city worked to rebuild. Local cyber contractors give insight on what that $10 million for cybersecurity actually buys.