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Why you want to attend the Builders Conference on May 9

A proud part of Philly Tech Week Presented by Comcast, early-bird pricing runs until April 1. We even included a draft email for you to send your boss.

The community learning from one another at the 2023 Builders Conference ( / Torian Studios)

Something innovation communities get right is the events.

Tech meetups are coming back. Entrepreneurs are back to having dinner together. And here come the conferences.

On Thursday, May 9, we will host our next Builders Conference, and we want you to join in Philadelphia at the posh Fitler Club. Come for the daytime conference and stay for the party: our annual Signature Event helps close out the 14th annual Philly Tech Week Presented by Comcast. Early-bird pricing ends April 1.

Reserve your ticket before April 1
Understandably, attending a conference is an investment — one that’s even more significant in today’s economic climate. That’s why we’re designing the Builders Conference to advance your business and career goals. 

It’s not just an event; it’s a day packed with professional development opportunities, trending industry insights, and networking that can catalyze your business and career growth. 

Prepare to leave the conference with actionable strategies, new connections, and a deeper understanding of tech workforce and entrepreneurship. Experts will give the latest on AI’s local economic impact, hiring and employee engagement trends (especially for non-tech firms that hire tech talent) and the latest on how innovation ecosystems shifted post-pandemic.

Here’s some more info to help you convince someone to invest in your ticket — even if that person is you.

  • What is the Builders conference? A daylong conference on building better innovation ecosystems, including startup growth, entrepreneurship support and workforce development.
  • Who will be there? The day is programmed around four common attendees: entrepreneurs; HR and operations pros focused on company culture; sales and marketing leaders who sell to small and medium-sized business; and local economic development leaders, including workforce and entrepreneurship support orgs
  • What will I leave with? Insights into growing companies, and best practices for developing an ecosystem of entrepreneurs and tech workforce, plus a host of new contacts 
  • What will the programming be like? In addition to structured opportunities for networking, the day’s sessions include keynotes presenting research on local economic and workforce trends; mentorship workshops on employee engagement and recruiting; and detailed startup case studies on product-market fit, recruiting and fundraising

Put more simply: If you grow companies, build teams or support ecosystems for entrepreneurs and tech workers, this is the conference for you. The entire day is curated by, a news organization devoted to these topics. 

We want you to come because it’s good for your own career. But, hey, 2024 also marks 15 years of publishing for To celebrate, we’ve launched a new Insiders program, which individuals join by attending our Builders Conference, thereby contributing financially to our free and accessible journalism.

Attend to advance your career, and support local journalism as a bonus.

Reserve your ticket
Side note: Want to reach this community of 500+ attendees? Some sponsorship for the conference is still available — email

For anyone seeking a supervisor’s approval for attending, here’s a draft email we’ve found successful. Feel free to use it!

Subject: Request for Approval: Builders Conference Attendance


Hi [Supervisor’s Name]!


I would like to request approval to attend the upcoming Builders Conference on May 9. This conference offers a unique opportunity for professional development and networking, focusing on building better innovation ecosystems, startup growth and workforce development. It is directly related to my work responsibilities to [key goal of yours for 2024].


Attending will enable me to gain actionable insights on the latest industry trends, particularly in AI, employee engagement, and innovation post-pandemic, which I believe will directly benefit our team and projects. The conference also offers structured networking opportunities with professionals across various sectors, potentially opening doors for future collaborations and talent acquisition. It also helps me work closely with, and even support their journalism.


Given the early bird pricing available until April 1, securing my attendance now would also be cost-effective. I am confident that this investment will yield substantial returns for our department by enhancing our strategies and operations.


Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to your feedback.


Best regards,
[Your Name]


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