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Lorton-based biotech firm Bode Technology is adding 70 new jobs

The Lorton, Virginia company is expanding its team of laboratory technicians, information technology workers and engineering professionals in partnership with local economic players.

A rendering of a double helix of DNA. (Photo by Flickr user pasukaru76, used via public domain)
With a state-assisted investment of $2 million, forensic tech company Bode Technology is adding 70 new jobs for NoVa professionals.

Bode, which is based in Lorton, Virginia, is a biotech company that specializes in forensic services. Governor Glenn Youngkin‘s Monday announcement noted that the new roles would be created in Bode’s departments for lab technicians, information technology, engineering and business support.

According to Bode, this investment in new roles follows a boost in demand for the company’s services from partners like local law enforcement and government agencies.

“For more than 25 years, Bode Technology has called Virginia our home and today’s announcement is a testament to that bond,” Bode’s CEO Mike Cariola said in a statement. “To help fight crime, we need to hire the most talented scientists in the world, and the universities in Virginia and surrounding areas have been essential to our success.”

To help attract new talent, Bode will be investing in its Lorton HQ and the technology of its employees. Later in 2022, it plans to give its lab a reboot by adding 70 new benches to accommodate new workers, as well as automation tech and new forensic tech like forensic genealogy. The company’s software team is also creating new tools to help with lab procedures, Bode said.

On the day to day, Bode operates a private forensic DNA lab for analysis and research. The company worked with the state on its backlog of untested sexual assault kits, testing 2,665 untested kits statewide. It also assisted in investigating a high-profile serial murder case last fall.

The Virginia Economic Development Partnership and the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority worked with Bode to create the investment through the Virginia Jobs Investment Program. The program assists local companies with hiring by reducing human resource costs in expansion. It recently added a huge number of jobs to the county, after having previously assisted in adding over 60 jobs at Easy Dynamics and 180 new roles at

“We are proud to have this innovative, Virginia-founded business and congratulate Bode Technology on its continued growth in Fairfax County,” Youngkin said. “Biotechnology is evolving rapidly in the 21st century and leading firms like Bode help drive the Commonwealth’s position as a leader in this vital sector. We look forward to continuing to see the company’s impact and thank Bode Technology for its confidence in Virginia.”

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