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Aug. 2, 2017 7:42 am

Learn about Perpay (and see what they’re hiring for)

Until now, the fintech company has stayed under the radar. Find out what they're all about with Technical.ly Talent.

Inside Perpay's new office.

(Photo by Tami Seymour)

Take a look around the Perpay office, and you’ll notice it’s a space for people who get stuff done — and for people who want to enjoy doing it.

The gorgeous Center City space boasts dogs, music and an epic coffee setup.

Perpay’s team has been hard at work recently, validating their product and building out their initial team. The fintech company’s platform takes the microlending concept that became popular in the nonprofit world and applies it to consumer spending.

They’ve kinda stayed under the radar, but now they’re looking to scale — and that means building a stellar team.

Want to know more? Check out their shiny new Technical.ly Culture Page to explore Perpay’s company culture and find out if you might be a good fit at the company.

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The Perpay team believes they produce the best work when they’re all growing and helping each other improve. The company is looking for people who are smart and want to get things done. With an endless stream of problems to solve, people who are ready to deliver on day one are essential.

  • One of two Philadelphia startups presently that knows what it’s doing.


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