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Hey, you, the expert: Write a guest post for Technical.ly

Want to share your insight on industry trends, entrepreneurship or the local tech community? Here's how.

Maybe use a digital version of this, though.

(Photo by Flickr user Amy Ross, used via a Creative Commons license)

Technical.ly is always looking for new angles to chronicle how local tech is changing.

Think: startup ecosystem growth, tech hiring, workplace culture trends, workforce development initiatives and the resources needed to advance industries.

We also love to share the perspectives of the people behind that change. Some notable guest posts by community leaders we’ve published in recent months:

Want to share your own perspective? Here are three reasons to write for Technical.ly:


1. Share your expertise.

You know your organization, your job, your field better than most. What have you learned? What should others know? How can the sector improve, and what are some actionable steps to get there? Tell us.

2. Spread the word.

We can only cover so much. Have a cool event coming up? Want to offer Technical.ly readers a discount to your program? There may be a better chance your story will make it to print if you write it yourself. That said, your piece should still be interesting and insightful — tell us first why your event (for instance) stands out. (Bonus points if it aligns with our editorial calendar!)

3. Change the narrative.

We’re particularly passionate about amplifying the voices of women, people of color and other underrepresented folks in tech, so if that’s you, please reach out, even if you haven’t contributed professionally before.

Pitch us your ideas or just drop us a line letting us know you’re interested in writing for us and we’ll be in touch.

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