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Tell your women-in-tech story with Women Who Code DC

The group wants to encourage members to join the conversation on Medium.

Join the blogging game. (Photo by Flickr user Mike Licht, used under a Creative Commons license)

Including and supporting women, or diversity more generally, in the tech field is often a conversation that takes place at a global level. What are the general issues that women face? How can the women themselves, their bosses or mentors help to overcome these issues? These are important questions in an important conversation.
However, if you’re a women working in tech, as much as your story might fit in to an ongoing narrative or trend it is also your story. All of the challenges, issues and victories you experience are, in many ways, distinctly personal.
Women Who Code DC wants to help you tell these personal stories.
The group has a blog on Medium, and it’s a space that they’re looking to keep vital with conversations about women in tech. And in order to do this Women Who Code DC wants you, the woman who codes, to lend your voice.
Join the group on Dec. 12 for a talk about how to write a blog post, then stay to workshop your story ideas with the blog’s two managers.

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