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Startups can be family-friendly, but most aren’t: Prasanna Krishnan

Krishnan, the CEO of SmartyPAL, spoke to the Motherboard Podcast about the hardships of working at a startup during her first pregnancy. “Being a parent doesn’t mean you become any worse at your job.”

Prasanna Krishnan with her son.

(Photo via Motherboard Podcast)

For Prasanna Krishnan, the hardest part of being a new mother at a startup wasn’t the workload or balancing time with her newborn. It was that the people she worked with at Jetsetter weren’t parents. They didn’t understand what she was going through. (That, and rushing home for lunch to pump breast milk because all the conference rooms in the office were glass.)
That’s why her second pregnancy will likely be easier, she said in an interview with Motherboard Podcast, a podcast focused on mothers in the tech scene. Krishnan is the CEO of edtech startup SmartyPAL. Most of the members of her team are parents.
Krishnan spoke to Motherboard about the perks of having a home office, the importance of building a family-friendly company culture and what her son is learning as SmartyPAL’s unofficial quality assurance staffer.

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