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Jon Gosier’s TED talk asks: Who’s getting left behind in the tech revolution?

The social entrepreneur and investor wants tech innovations to benefit the many. Too often they benefit the few.

Jon Gosier at the TEDGlobal 2014 conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

(Photo by Flickr user TED Conference, used under a Creative Commons license)

“What if we’re wrong about the virtues of technology?”
That’s the question that civic tech CEO Jon Gosier posed in his TED talk at TEDGlobal last year. It went up on the TED site last month.

From the talk:

The tech industry around the world tends to operate under similar assumptions that if we build great things, it will positively affect everyone. Eventually, these innovations will get out and find everyone. But that’s not always the case. […] We tend to think that if we design things for the select few, eventually those technologies will reach everyone, and that’s not always the case. Technology and innovation behaves a lot like wealth and capital. They tend to consolidate in the hands of the few, and sometimes they find their way out into the hands of the many.

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