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⚠️ Here’s a question: How are courts dealing with emojis? ?

Discuss the challenges and opportunities at this upcoming panel with DC Legal Hackers.

Go learn about emojis and the law.

(Photo by Flickr user Intel Free Press, used under a Creative Commons license)

The suspect sent an emoji. ? ?
Believe it or not, this modern form of nonverbal communication is increasingly turning up in criminal cases. But despite the semantic value, this presents a lot of challenges for attorneys. You know how when you send an emoji from your iPhone it ends up looking all weird on your friend’s Android? Yeah. I mean, is this ? a menacing weapon or just a cute water pistol. And that’s just one issue.
So DC Legal Hackers is convening a panel on the topic to “discuss strategies attorneys are using to tackle these challenges, as well as where we see this issue heading over the next several years.” The panel will feature Robinson Meyer, tech journalist for The Atlantic who covers the emoji beat; Gabriella Ziccarelli, an intellectual property lawyer at Blank Rome LLP; and Joe Sremack, a member of the Unicode Consortium (the group that maintains emoji standards).
Join the group at 1776 on Oct. 4 for what sounds like a fascinating discussion, possibly paired with emoji-themed snacks. Find more info, and RSVP, below.

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