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Here are 5 places in Philly to donate your old electronics

Odds are you have a laptop under your bed or in your basement that could be helping someone right now. Here's how to make that happen.

Tech time. (Photo by Flickr user Vernon Chan, under a Creative Commons license)

When Nonprofit Technology Resources closed up shop in 2015 it left a void in Philly.

The Spring Garden-based nonprofit, which had been taking in donated computers, fixed them up and giving them to other nonprofits, had been the go-to since 1998 for donating still-usable gear. In 2014, according to a report published by the org, 1,100 desktops and laptops were fixed and donated to churches, schools and individuals in need.

Since the nonprofit shuttered, a question from the community has frequently made its way onto the Technical.ly newsroom: Now that NTR shut down, what can I do with this old-but-still-working computer?

Well, as it turns out, the city still has plenty of options for getting your old electronic gear out of the closet and into the hands of someone who needs it. Here’s a brief list of Philly spots that will gladly take that old laptop.


Drexel University’s TechServ student group

The student organization, deeply rooted in Drexel’s digital hallways, aims to reduce the digital gap by repairing computers, donating them to nonprofits and spreading the word of digital literacy.

  • What to donate: The group accepts desktops, laptops, monitors and related peripherals. No big old tube monitors, please. Here’s the list of technical requirements for donations.

How to donate: Email techserv@drexel.edu with a description of the equipment, the quantities and a preferred pickup/drop off time.

Coded by Kids

The nonprofit that seeks to teach your school-age kids how to code could use laptops to complement its tech education programs.

  • What do donate: The nonprofit takes laptops that are less than 3 years old.

How to donate: Email info@codedbykids.com with info on what you want to donate.

Philly AIDS Thrift

The consignment shop will gladly take in your equipment, process it and resell it to raise funds for local organizations involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS. There’s staff on site that can process the equipment and wipe the drives before reselling.

  • What to donate: PC towers and laptops that are 10 years or less, regardless of working status. No monitors, please.

How to donate: Bring the equipment in to the nonprofit’s space on 710 South 5th St. from 11 to 8 p.m.


Because of course the standard bearer for donations can take that old computer off your hands.

  • What to donate: Just about anything, working or otherwise.

How to donate: Bring it in to your local Goodwill location. There’s one on 455 N 7th St.

Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians

Donations to this center will help immigrants and refugees prepare their resumes, look for jobs and learn English as a second language.

  • What to donate: Chromebooks are best due to their simplicity, but just about any laptop in good shape will be well received.

How to donate: Email Rebecca Rathje at rebecca@welcomingcenter.org with details of what you want to donate.


Know of another organization willing to take in used electronics? Tells us in a comment below.

P.S. Thanks to Indy Hall’s Alex Hillman and MilkCrate’s Caitlin Honan for helping to compile this list.

Companies: Nonprofit Technology Resources

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