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Tomorrow: Inject some realism into your tech addiction at this film screening

“Death by Design” is about the dark side of smartphone manufacturing.

Be careful what you open. (Photo by Flickr user Hamza Butt, used under a Creative Commons license)

Where’s your smartphone right now? In the event you’re not currently using it to read this, it’s likely that the device isn’t more than a few inches away. I know mine is.
Our smartphones, tablets and computers are wonderful devices that enable us to do so much — and yet their creation is not all good news. Especially not, unfortunately, for the individuals that create these devices and the environment around us all.
Ready to open your eyes? The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History will be showing “Death by Design” on Tuesday, Nov. 29 — a film that “tells a story of environmental degradation, health tragedies and the tipping point between consumerism and sustainability.”
The screening, to be followed by a discussion with filmmaker Sue Williams, is free. But you’ve got to register here.
Ready to start feeling guilty (but so informed!) right away? We humbly recommend this excellent Washington Post series on the realities and effects of graphite mining in China and cobalt mining in Congo.


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