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BoltBus just made it easier to get from Wilmington to Baltimore and DC

There's a new transportation line in town.


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Before BoltBus launched on March 29, Wilmington-based travel around the MidAtlantic was limited — and, often, expensive.

“Previously, the only ways to get to Baltimore and D.C. were driving, Amtrak, or Greyhound,” said David Curtis, a Wilmington urbanist who has helped bring increased SEPTA service and Zipcar to Northern Delaware. “BoltBus helps fill in the mobility gap with an easy, comfortable, affordable option that is competitive with driving times.”

For about $20 (or less), you can get a one-way ticket to DC or Baltimore — complete with amenities such as Wi-Fi and individual power outlets.

The new service adds a transportation option that increases access to nearby cities to the south, which are generally more difficult and costly to get to than Philadelphia with its light rail Wilmington/Newark SEPTA line — even though Baltimore isn’t much farther away.

Much like last year’s Newark launch of OurBus, which gave the college town’s residents an easier way to travel to New York City, the addition of BoltBus in Wilmington helps make the most of Delaware’s central location.

New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer was enthusiastic about the launch.

“I am pleased that BoltBus has chosen to add New Castle County to the growing network of communities it serves,” he told Technical.ly. “Delaware has a strong record of bus and rail service and this new affordable transportation option creates one more opportunity for our residents to get where they need to go, while also opening a new pipeline to bring visitors to our state.”

For now, BoltBus, which stops at the downtown Wilmington Greyhound station across from the Amtrak/SEPTA station, is available only for weekend travel. In addition to buses to Baltimore and D.C., you can also take the BoltBus to Philadelphia for around $15 one way (more than double the cost of a one-way SEPTA ride — though, on the other hand, SEPTA doesn’t yet have personal outlets).


“One of Wilmington’s primary strengths is its proximity to other great cities,” said Curtis. “With BoltBus, folks in Wilmington finally have access to easy, affordable travel throughout the Mid-Atlantic, whether for weekend getaways, client visits, or anything in between. I’d like to thank BoltBus GM David Hall for sharing this vision and working persistently to make it a reality.”

Hot tip: The earlier you book your BoltBus ride — schedules are posted six weeks in advance — the less expensive your fare. Newly listed fares run as low a $1 (yes, one dollar) and increase as the trip gets closer. Those dollar fares are not easy to snag, but if you’re planning a trip in advance, you can at least save a few bucks by not waiting until the last minute.

Check out the BoltBus schedules here.

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