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Learn about a blockchain-powered poker platform at this meetup

Hear from Ryan Gittleson, Product Lead at Brooklyn-based blockchain shop ConsenSys.

Cryptojawns. (Photo by Flickr user Zach Copley, under a Creative Commons license)

The Philadelphia Ethereum Blockchain Meetup — a regular gathering of blockchain enthusiasts — is an actual thing and on Dec. 7 they will meet to talk about an online poker platform powered by blockchain technology.
Ryan Gittleson, Product Lead at Brooklyn-based ConsenSys, is coming to Philly to talk about Virtue Poker. Basically, it’s a decentralized P2P poker system built on Ethereum, a blockchain-based programming environment.
“Recent events notwithstanding, Ethereum has garnered an immense amount of interest in the areas of law, accounting, government regulation, and finance and not a small amount of fear,” organizer Thomas Rush told Technical.ly in an email. “Join us to discuss this exciting technology.”
Gittleson, whom we’ve seen giving the Virtue Poker stump speech before, will give insight into the regulatory environment that protects the platform, and how cryptographic techniques help keep the game fair. Here’s a quick rundown of how it works:

It’s not all talk, though. Organizers are asking attendees to bring their laptops, as software developer Nick D’Andrea will give a hands-on lesson in developing and perhaps deploying a dapp, or a decentralized application.


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