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This DC-based honors program for community colleges nationwide is rolling out a new mobile app

American Honors, a program administered by the for-profit Quad Learning, will launch the app this spring. The company provides a path for high-achieving community college students to transfer into more prestigious schools.

American Honors students will soon have a new tool to manage coursework. (Photo courtesy of Quad Learning)

American Honors, an academic program that helps students transfer from community colleges to four-year colleges, is getting ready to launch a mobile app.
Students “are seeking to have a more unified and seamless technology,” said CTO Dave Gardner. The aim is to “offer them a much more integrated online experience for American Honors.” The app has been in beta since January.
Since it began in 2012, American Honors has used Quad, a platform it developed in-house, to facilitate communication between students and their advisers working on the ground in the program’s seven participating schools in Michigan, New Jersey, Texas, Indiana and Washington state.
“We are very focused on system integration, connecting our data across all aspects of the program [to] deliver the best possible outcomes for our students,” said Gardner.
Quad is also a “one stop shop” for students to stay updated on their classes, coursework and administrative deadlines, said Gardner. Meanwhile, it allows advisers to watch out for signs of trouble and implement early alerts and prevention measures if necessary.
Now, American Honors — which is administered by Quad Learning, a company based in D.C. and Denver — is getting ready to roll out the complimentary mobile app to adapt to the complicated schedules of its students, who often juggle jobs, classes and the additional American Honors coursework.
It “will give students a much more immediate way to stay in touch” with advisers and “on track with the program,” said Gardner.


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