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A new report found Maryland has the fastest internet in the U.S.

According to highspeedinternet.com, The state can stream funny cat videos at 5.34 Megabits per second faster than the runner-up, New Jersey.

The Baltimore skyline. (Photo via Wikimedia user Nfutvol)

This just in: Maryland’s internet is the least likely to cut out right at the juicy scene in ‘The Bachelor’. According to web service provider assessment group Highspeedinternet.com, Maryland has the fastest internet speed in the country.

The group just released a report based on their online internet speed test, which evaluates your uploading and downloading speeds and determines if your internet is underperforming.

After hitting a million completed tests, the company decided to compile the information and determine which states had the fastest internet service. The data spans from the test’s launch in June 2018 to April of this year. As a whole, the U.S. has a national average of 42.42 Mbps.

Here are the top five states:

  1. Maryland (65.02 Mbps)
  2. New Jersey (59.68 Mbps)
  3. Delaware (59.08 Mbps)
  4. Rhode Island (56.77 Mbps)
  5. Virginia (55.98 Mbps)

And the five with the lowest speed:

  1. Alaska (17.03 Mbps)
  2. Mississippi (24.77 Mbps)
  3. Idaho (25.30 Mbps)
  4. Montana (25.70 Mbps)
  5. Maine (26.05 Mbps)

The state’s fastest cities are Sparrows Point, Clarksville, Edgewood and Joppa.

According to Highspeedinternet.com, Baltimore residents almost exclusively use Xfinity. Ninety-seven percent of ZIP codes are able to use the provider (although that doesn’t mean all residents do), whereas Maryland as a whole mostly uses Verizon, available in 32 percent of ZIP codes. So, it’s a little unclear whether or not providers make a difference in speed.

Something to think about? Staff researcher Victoria Merinda said that the results will allow people to assess their personal internet and determine if something else would be better for them. Plus, it can help decide whether or not your paying too much for your internet service.

“An internet connection is absolutely necessary these days, and having more internet speed can give you an advantage when it comes to doing homework, looking for employment or even in one’s professional day-to-day tasks,” Merinda said. “We hope our users are informed about their internet speed and not paying for too little or too much internet, and have proper access to the internet.”

See the full report here.


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