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5 most popular college degrees for entrepreneurs

You can track the most popular college degrees for Fortune 500 CEOs and entry level hires, but it’s worth also looking at those that seem most suited for entrepreneurs.

This is a guest post from Karen Falgore, an online ambassador for Liberty University Online. During the evening hours her interests lie in freelance writing, the occasional road trip for a Krystal slider and finding opportunities to better her vegetable and fruit garden.
The list was compiled from several sources, including business owner interviews, data from LinkedIn resumes, top CEO lists and more.

You can track the most popular college degrees for Fortune 500 CEOs and entry level hires, but it’s worth also looking at those that seem most suited for entrepreneurs. Because despite what some claim, a college education is still valuable for those starting a business.

Whether you are hoping to begin a business in Philly, Baltimore, Los Angeles or Key West, here is our list of the top five degrees held by successful business entrepreneurs.

(1) MBA — You’ve heard the jokes about business degrees — to get the valuation of a company, multiple by the number of developers and divide by the number of MBAs, but despite those being wary of the business theory, this is still the dominant degree that runs across most entrepreneurs. The completion of an MBA means an acquired knowledge of business management, administration, finance, marketing and more.

(2) Computer Science — You could make the case that one of the differences between the ’90s era tech boom was that it predated the rise of the geek. That is, today, following a pointed chase for STEM talent, without a technical cofounder, you aren’t much of a startup at all. So startups with a founder who has a computer science or other technical degree is fast growing.

(3) Law — Business ownership is filled with contracts, legal obligations, taxes and the protection of assets. Most entrepreneurs hire a lawyer to assist them in the proper set up of a business license, creation vendor contracts, protect them in client miscommunications or tax preparation but business owners with a degree in law know their rights and how to protect their business.

(4) Communications — There is a degree mismatch in this country that has put more than a few communications students into new industries and, increasingly, entrepreneurship. But the skills for growing customers often land in this space. Communications majors learn the basics of marketing and media, often honing their skills to present to investors, business teams or share their innovative ideas.

(5) Accounting — A degree in Marketing or an MBA may provide the basic skills of accounting in business but those entrepreneurs with an accounting degree concur that it has helped them see great success. A business cannot be successful without proper money management and a degree in accounting can teach the skills necessary for entrepreneurial triumph.

Honorable Mentions:

Many businesses owners have also earned their project management degree online as well as an entrepreneurial certificate, both of which can benefit entrepreneurs in their business’s overall and long lasting success.

The Next Step: Getting the Degree

Whether you are already a business owner with an established business or looking toward the future with your entrepreneurial endeavors, earning one of the degrees listed above can take your personal growth and business to the next level.

However, as we try to balance our company obligations, our family and our social lives, finding time to go to school may seem difficult. Luckily each of these degrees can be found online at prestigious and accredited universities such as Harvard and Princeton or, yes, Liberty University, and more. So what are you waiting for?

Explore you options and ensure the success of your business and entrepreneurial career by earning one of these online degrees right away.


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