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These 21 Philly-area nonprofits need your tech help in 2015

Volunteer your skills in website design and coding, basic programming, blogging, social media — any way you can help improve a nonprofit's technology portfolio.

Photo: Ann Rajaram

Over the years, we’ve heard time and time again from technologists wanting to give back to the community and nonprofits looking for help. Earlier this year, we decided to do something about connecting those people.

During Philly Tech Week 2014, in partnership with the Knight Foundation, Technical.ly invited local nonprofits to solicit volunteers to help them with important technology projects like website design and coding, basic programming skills, blogging and social media — ways this local technology community could lend a hand.

The Commit Pledge of Service — yep, we’re trying to get your attention, technologists, with that coding reference — is a yearlong volunteer drive to connect the local innovation community to nonprofits that provide technology-related services.

In 2015, volunteers that applied will start getting involved.

If you want to volunteer now, head over to Technical.ly Philly’s volunteer page and reach out to the organization that makes sense for you. We’ll keep this page updated with new nonprofits that need a hand. So far, we’ve heard from:

Volunteer now

And if you haven’t officially pledged your hours, do it over on the Commit website.


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