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Startup Corps

Founded in 2009
Status: Active

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education, entrepreneurship, Social enterprise, STEM
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January 1, 2009

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Rich Sedmak, Christian Kunkel

Startup Corps helps teens learn to create value for themselves, others and the world through entrepreneurship.

Startup Corps was created to provide curriculum, workshops, mentorship, and micro-capital for high school students in Philadelphia who wish to launch micro-ventures .

Since 2009, over 200 students have worked with Startup Corps to launch for-profit ventures, non-profit social enterprises, school clubs, and movements of like-minded individuals. Music labels, neighborhood clean-up projects, a restaurant, and software development companies are just some of the student led initiatives that have resulted. While each outcome is unique, most students learn that nurturing an idea from a concept to reality is hard work, but achievable if you are motivated and are empowered by a supportive network.

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