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Baltimore, MD
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advertising, digital advertising, Mobile
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Paul Palmieri


2400 Boston Street, Suite 201 Baltimore, MD 21224

Millennial Media is the leading independent audience platform in digital advertising.

Their approach to audience targeting helps brands connect to consumers in powerful ways and helps developers maximize their revenue. Their robust cross-screen targeting capabilities, enabled by our unique data asset and full technology stack, deliver meaningful results for advertisers and developers.

Millennial Media is uniquely situated to leverage mobile as the foundation for a redefinition of what advertising can be.



Millennial Media has focused on delivering innovation and thought leadership in mobile advertising since being founded in 2006. Our business is built upon unparalleled data & technology, strong partnerships with global media and application developers across all operating systems, and trustedrelationships with the world's top brands.

They deliver creative ideas and solutions with the understanding that technology and partner collaboration enable their business, while their people power their business.

"We love what we do, and we strive to be the best in the world."


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