Meet CoLab-Factory

We were born out of the inspiration to provide the space, and build a community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, and small businesses.  A place to build your dream.
We are obsessed with providing our members with the best service in a relaxed way.
The CoLab-Factory is a more focused approach to the CoWorking and Office Space Community.

Our Mantra
We take your dreams seriously. In the words of Napoleon Hill, “Dreams are goals with a deadline attached.” We know you have that fantasy of how its going to be for you when you arrive at your destination. We get it! We are with you the whole way! Every short term goal along the road to reaching your objective is a triumph and will bring you closer to becoming your dream.

Our events are innovative, inspiring, educational and fun. More often than not you walk away with actionable strategies for a problem, or a change of course. We have classes, Meetups, breakfasts and more!

We are built for you.