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What does the future of work look like now? will explore this August

For How We Work Now Month, look out for stories about how companies and their employees are thinking about offices, culture and work structure in a (hopefully) post-pandemic world.

Some workers aren’t excited about the prospect of an office return.

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It’s hard to believe that in a year and a half, the way we work could change so dramatically.

When the pandemic hit the mid-Atlantic last March, most of those who could work from home began sheltering in place and resumed meetings and operations completely virtually. New employees were onboarded without ever meeting coworkers face to face, companies began questioning what their culture means without the existence of an HQ and work-from-home burnout became very, very real.

But as vaccination rates rose this spring, IRL events began coming back, and some companies formed a return-to-office plan. New coworking spaces have opened up, while others in our region have closed. VC deals could be closed in person again, but many are still happening over Zoom.

We’re somewhat in limbo now. The Delta variant continues to circulate in the U.S., and it’s become clear: The pandemic will have lasting effects on the way we work. Remote work is not going away, nor are the tools used to adapt in the last year and a half.

In August, we’ll be exploring these concepts and the ever-changing environment through How We Work Now Month 2021. Look for stories of entrepreneurs creating products around the future of work, companies experimenting with productivity hacks like the four-day work week, and tech tools we can’t live without.


Some questions we’ll seek to answer: Where do we work now? Is coworking the future of IRL work? What tech tools are essential now? What can the Great Resignation tell us about what workers want from their careers? What skills (technical and not) make for a great candidate these days? What benefits attract employees in a remote world? How does the pandemic and vaccines play into where we work? How does our career shape our identity?

Some recent stories we’ve covered include:

Are you a culture expert or company leader making some calls we should know about this month? Is there a report we need to read to better explain this topic? Are you working on a product or solution for the future of work? Want to write a first-person guest post about your relevant experience, or to share some relevant resources? Let us know:

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