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Did your employer keep their racial equity promises from June 2020?

One year later, tell us: Did your employer follow through on their DEI or funding pledges made amid calls for increased corporate social responsibility?

A Black Lives Matter protest in Chicago, June 2020.

(Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash)

Amid days of protests responding to the murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, we saw companies across the country make public statements denouncing racism and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

We also heard from employees who were frustrated by the lack of internal discussion of these events in their workplaces. And after asked people to tell us their experiences — anonymously — we published a roundup, revealing employer responses ranging from heartfelt open letters to donations to silence, as well as worker reactions ranging from hope for continued effort to frustration to cynicism.

“What comes of this will deeply impact whether I decide to remain at the organization or not,” one person said about their expectation for more dedicated action.

So, what did come of it?

Following up on our reporting last June and as part of Racial Equity in Tech Month, we want to know: How did your employer respond to last year’s racial justice movement, and have they followed through on any specific promises they made? For instance, did they make commitments to hire more technologists of color, or pledge funding to a relevant cause? Did they make Juneteenth 2020 a paid holiday, but have yet to say whether they’ll do the same for Juneteenth 2021? Do you have a sense that promises made were genuine, but see a lack of specific action? Or are you glad to see movement in the right direction, and long-term strategy? (On the flipside: Is internal response to societal challenges not important to you?)

Tell us about it:

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If we intend to publish all or parts of your response in a article, we will reach out to you via email to confirm that you’re OK with us using it, as well as to confirm the details of your response. Neither your name nor your employer’s name will be published.


Deadline to respond is EOD Wednesday, June 9. Please email any questions to me, Managing Editor Julie Zeglen, at

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