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Yasmine Mustafa on CNN Money: ‘People don’t choose where they’re born’

The Philly-based cofounder spoke out against President Trump's immigration policies in an interview.

The immigrant founder shared her experience from refugee to citizen.

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As you might imagine, ROAR For Good cofounder Yasmine Mustafa — who has been vocal about her path from refugee to undocumented immigrant to American citizen — is ripe with thoughts on President Donald Trump’s executive action on immigration, and she shared some of them with CNN Money.

“Entrepreneur Yasmine Mustafa was able to get a ‘reset’ on her birth lottery,” writes reporter Sara Ashley O’Brien in the article, published on Monday. “She worries that others like her might get robbed of that same chance under President Trump.”

Mustafa went in depth about her family’s experience as refugees escaping the Gulf War from Kuwait and then as immigrants settling into their new home.

“[I felt] invisible, waiting for the pieces of paper I needed, like a social security number on a little, blue piece of paper that would unlock so many privileges,” Mustafa told CNN.

“My cofounder likes to say I went from dodging bombs to saving lives,” she said, adding that she appreciates the privilege that comes with naturalization. “[I am] so sorry others will not get to experience it because of where they were born or their faith.”

But Mustafa isn’t just talking to reporters. Next Monday, Mustafa will be the keynote speaker at the Idaho Conference on Refugees, an event hosted by the Idaho Office for Refugees


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