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Code for Philly built Philly ward leader baseball cards

Collect 'em all.

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Do you know who your ward leader is? Do you even know what a ward leader is?

Code for Philly wants to help. The civic hacking group built baseball cards to get you acquainted with these local political leaders. The project came out of last month’s Apps for Philly Democracy Hackathon, just in time for baseball’s opening day.

See the cards

“As powerful and few as they are (66), ward leaders tend to remain behind the scenes and most voters don’t even know who theirs is,” the site reads. “This transparency web site aims to bring a level of spotlight to ward leaders that is more proportional to the power they wield.”

The site uses city data and research via Google. The project team includes Chief Data Officer Tim Wisniewski, city data scientist Lauren Ancona, former city developer (and now Grand Round Table developer) Dave Walk and more.

People: Lauren Ancona / Dave Walk / Tim Wisniewski
Projects: Code for Philly

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