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Volunteers wanted to teach code in Brooklyn schools

Startuppers: Want to share your knowledge with the kids? Check out the work Code for Brooklyn is doing this week.

A sneak peek at the future.

(Photo courtesy of ScriptEd)

This is the third year of the #HourOfCode challenge, in which nearly all of the 500 public schools in the borough take an hour out of the day during the week and teach their students computer programming.

The program isn’t meant to teach kids usable skills so much as it is to give them an intro into a world they might not otherwise experience. The initiative wraps up at the end of the week, Dec. 10, but there are still opportunities to share your knowledge of computational thinking with NYC kids.

One of the main things we at hear in the Brooklyn tech world is a desire to be more involved with the community and to share some of the gains of technology and the startup world with those around us. So here’s your chance, devs, go forth and teach.


#HourOfCode is a national challenge but is organized here in Brooklyn by the nonprofit org Code for Brooklyn.

Code for Brooklyn, founded in 2015, has the vision that “Every Brooklyn public school student gets the opportunity to learn to code, along with an education in broader computer science concepts such as cybersecurity and data science, at school. We will achieve this goal in the course of seven years, three years ahead of the New York City wide target.”

To find out more about the #HourOfCode challenge, check out details here.

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