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7 reactions to this week’s senseless killings

From developers to YouTubers, here are a few voices from the Philly tech scene.

Social media. (Photo by Flickr user Jason Howie, used under a Creative Commons license)

If you don’t know what happened this week in the U.S., you have probably made a conscious effort to steer clear of a TV set or your own Twitter feed.
If not, you know the pain from this week’s seven senseless killings has spread across the country, where many have found it difficult to pretend it’s just a regular work week.
From game makers to cofounders to developers, here are a few reactions from members of the Philly tech community (all Facebook posts shared with permission):
Eric Smith, cofounder of Geekadelphia on Facebook:

Eric Smith, cofounder of Geekadelphia.


Penn’s Marion Leary thought of a tech tool to fight to injustice, one that’s trying to prevent this app from having anything to report:

Think Brownstone’s Mikey Ilagan:

Cipher Prime’s Dain Saint on Facebook:

Cipher Prime's Dain Saint on Facebook.


RJMetrics’ Anita Garimella on Facebook:
Anita Garimella's Facebook post.

RJMetric’s Anita Garimella’s Facebook post.

Philly YouTuber Wilkine Brutus on Facebook:
Philly Youtuber Wilkine Brutus on Facebook.


Science Leadership Academy principal Chris Lehmann on Twitter:

As the week comes to a close, the weekend proves a worthy opportunity to listen, reflect and ask yourself: What comes next?

Companies: Cipher Prime / RJMetrics / Science Leadership Academy
People: Anita Garimella Andrews / Chris Lehmann / Dain Saint / Eric Smith / Marion Leary

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