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SEPTA is rolling out real-time ETA data

Cellular modems in every vehicle will send location data to SEPTA's website and apps. Expect it by 2016.

You know how much it sucks being late. And you know how much it sucks being late and then missing your train/bus/trolley.
We always take it out on SEPTA. Turns out, the transit agency is kinda tired of taking the blame for your tardiness. So they’re doing something about it.
As PlanPhilly’s Jim Saksa reports, SEPTA will be installing a cellular modem on every vehicle this year. The devices will send location data to SEPTA’s website and apps. This will all be part of SEPTA Key, though we can expect this new development to be fully implemented sometime during 2016.
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You might say next year is the ETA for SEPTA’s ETA notification system. So, by the end of 2016, we’ll be seeing less of this:

Or this:

And this:
With any luck, we might just be seeing a ton of this:
Whatever that means.

Companies: PlanPhilly / SEPTA

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