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Now you can understand the sheer magnitude of NYC’s 2017 capital budget

The city pays for lots of stuff. Sam Sandberg built an engaging way to start understanding that.

Delali Dzirasa of Fearless Solutions. (Photo by Stephen Babcock)

New York City’s $14 billion capital budget is an enormous document that probably only a handful of people in the universe read in full, and most of them are probably elected officials, or maybe more likely, their staffs.
So here’s a fun tool if you want to peruse the budget but just want the stuff simple and random. It doesn’t really have a name, but you can find it online here. It’s a simple, static webpage that pulls one of the line items from the budget at random and tells you how much that thing cost.
The page was created by Sam Sandberg, a Brooklyn developer, using a node.js data scraper of the budget created by Brooklyn Data Savant-in-Chief Chris Whong.

Did you know high level storm sewers will cost the city $117.1 million next year?
Or that improvements to the New York Zoological Society will run $4.1 million?
It’s a big ol’ city we have here.

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