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10 Philly tech folks who already voted (and why you should too)

Some of our usual tech suspects headed out early this morning to do the civic deed. How about you?

Vote, Philly. (Photo by Flickr user Ally Aubry, used under a Creative Commons license)

The big day is here, everybody.
Today, America heads to the polls by the millions. No matter who you’re voting for today, your opininon will be counted as equal to your fellow Americans. And because the tech scene doesn’t live in a bubble of its own, folks from all spaces of the Philly tech scene also made their civic statement since early this morning.
Often a tech-scene bellwether, entrepreneur and investor Josh Kopelman headed to his polling place early this morning. He mentioned long lines, like plenty of people did since the wee hours of the morning.

TechGirlz founder Tracey Wellson-Rossman, who has been volunteering for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton as part an organization called Jewish Women for Hillary, voted early out in the Philly suburbs.

Another early-bird voter was the City of Philadelphia Director of Entrepreneurial Investment Archna Sahay, with her trademark power heels and water bottle at the ready. (Ask Archna about said power heels and StartUp PHL at the upcoming #AskPhilly sesh this Thursday.)

Cipher Prime and Free the Vote’s Dain Saint rocked a We Can Be Better T-shirt at the polls today. He also had some good news about his campaign to get companies to offer employees Election Day offCuralateStratISBuLogicsRed Tettemer O’Connell + Partners and Solutions for Progress also joined the bandwagon to let workers go vote.

MilkCrate founder Morgan Berman had a cute lil voting story. As she got to the end of the line to vote, who was checking her into the polling place but her AP History teacher from high school, Helen Grady (who, turns out, is the mother of PIDC President John Grady).

Stephen Tang, president and CEO of the University City Science Center (who just last week was emceeing the formal launch of the Microsoft Reactor Philadelphia), was another early bird at his polling place.

Stephen Tang votes. (Image via Facebook)

Stephen Tang votes. (Image via Facebook)

We got no pic from Webjunto’s Liz Brown, but she went all tech with a flashy GIF on Twitter:

Just in case you had any doubts, Comcast’s Danielle Cohn is #WithHer:

And last but not least, civic tech power duo Dawn McDougall and Tim Wisniewski also tackled their democratic duty early in the morning, though, alas, their polling place ran out of stickers:

And like these 10, many other members of the Philly tech community made the time to push their buttons of choice. They carved an hour or two out of meetings, coding or Slack to side with their candidate of preference. If they all made it, why can’t you? Don’t miss out on your one chance to make a statement and make your voice be heard.
Wanna see some more Philly tech folks voting? Check out #PhillyTechVotes or share your pics with us at @TechnicallyPHL.


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