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Read this rundown of Philly’s civic-tech all-stars

Generocity highlights the top 14 technologists working to make city government more accessible, digitally.

Eliza Pollack leading a session at Code for Philly's 2017 Civic Engagement Launchpad.

(Photo by Chris Kendig)

Civic tech isn’t all the ways government interfaces with technology; it’s the ways citizens are brought into the fold to make their municipalities easier to understand, navigate and improve. It’s the important stuff.

That’s why the field has long been of interest to us at, and why we’re excited sister site Generocity has produced this list of 14 local leaders.

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The riff on the realLIST features plenty of familiar faces to longtime readers. And for newer folks, it’s a great snapshot of Philly’s storied civic-tech history.

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