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Surprise: Everyone in DC is talking about … Pennsylvania mail-in ballot counting

D.C. residents want to know what's up with ballot counting in the battleground states. Here are the six top election-focused Google trends in the District.

D.C. Google searches for "Pennsylvania mail in ballot counting" as of 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2020.

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Everyone in the District wants to know what’s up with ballot counting in Pennsylvania, like the rest of the country and probably world.

The second-most searched Google term right now in D.C., according to Google Trends, is “Pennsylvania mail in ballot counting.” President Donald Trump leads former Vice President Joe Biden by approximately 97,000 votes, according to CNN live coverage as of 4:30 p.m., and there are hundreds of thousands of mail ballots that still need to be counted in the battleground state. Here’s an explainer from a Philadelphia reporter about how the city is counting mail-in ballots.

Here are the top six Google searches in D.C. right now, in order:

  • David Wasserman
  • Pennsylvania mail in ballot counting
  • North Carolina
  • PA absentee ballot
  • Georgia absentee ballot
  • DC absentee ballot status

… Wasserman being the house editor for The Cook Political Report. Who is currently talking about Pennsylvania.

Virginia residents are also curious about ballot counting in Pennsylvania (but also Georgia), while Marylanders are focused on Georgia (but also Pennsylvania). These figures will change often, but it’s an interesting snapshot now of where the region’s collective head is at.


As we wait for results in Pennsylvania, it’s important to note that the state sent out more than 3 million ballots by mail this year, yet it couldn’t start counting ballots until Election Day on Nov. 3. As Trump works to try to invalidate these mail-in ballots, Pennsylvania election courts are ready for the battle as they work to get every vote counted in the state.

As we continue to follow election results, check out our Election 2020 page for ongoing coverage from the local tech angle.

Here’s what some #dctech folks in the area are saying about the presidential election on Twitter:

Also, if you missed the big news, there’s been a big shift in the D.C. Council since Christina Henderson cemented one of the two open At-Large seats. Incumbent Councilmember Robert White won the other seat.

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