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This app shows which Baltimore parks are within walking distance

Go get some fresh air. Park Finder: Baltimore is here to help.

The Pagoda at Patterson Park.

(Photo by Flickr user Mark Peters, used under a Creative Commons license)

Need to get off the pavement? A new app is designed to show users their nearest city park.
Park Finder: Baltimore allows users to type in an address on web and mobile. Then, the app maps the parks you can walk to, with distances broken down into five-, 10- and 15-minute increments. There’s also a link to Google Maps to provide directions.
Use the map

Parks near Betamore. (Screenshot)

Parks near Betamore. (Screenshot)

As a byproduct of the location tool, the app also maps all the parks in Baltimore. That’s handy.
The Chesapeake Conservancy (of Falcon Cam fame) is behind the free app. Chesapeake Conservancy Solutions Engineer Colin Stief sought to map walkable paths around barriers such as highways, restricted access and industrial zones. The tool uses Esri mapping software to visualize the data.

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