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City pledges $51 million to modernize garment industry and move it to Brooklyn

The grants will cover relocation costs to Sunset Park.

Industrial Buildings of the Brooklyn waterfront see the future coming. Taken Sept 1, 2013 by Brady Dale.
Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the Industry City development in Sunset Park would be a destination for relocated firms. According to a New York City Economic Development Corporation official, "There is a mix of City-owned and private properties that will be viable options in the coming months, but we have not yet specified where in Sunset Park these companies will be able to relocate to." We regret the error. (3/28/17, 10:36 a.m.)

The New York City Economic Development Corporation announced Friday a $51 million aid package for the city’s garment industry.

The money, to be distributed over the next 10 years, will go to textile and fashion companies looking to modernize their equipment, and relocate within the city — with a focus on Brooklyn’s Sunset Park.

Grants will include “relocation, expansion and other costs for businesses that want to move from the Garment Center to Sunset Park,” according to the organization.

Brooklyn is home to a few garment startups, including Bushwick 3D-knitting company Thursday Finest, manufacturers Maker’s Row and a bunch of young designers at Pratt.

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