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There’s a new — and the city needs your help

The city wants feedback on a new version of its website.

Daniela Bostic of Fairfax County sued the home renovation platform startup after receiving a botched bathroom remodel. She recently settled her case in court after nearly two years.

Washington, D.C.-based Remodelmate, was sued by Daniela Bostic of Fairfax County for a botched bathroom repair project.
Now, I bet you're wondering, why is this a story we felt the need to tell? This is a story because we are a community-driven news media outlet and someone in this community came to us with a complaint about a startup we cover often. Bostic was so unhappy with her Remodelmate experience that she brought forth litigation, and even went so far as to reach out to me ( DC's market editor) about it. Remodelmate was founded by Chad Hall in August 2016 out of 1776 DC and is a startup that curates a platform facilitating home improvement and repair projects. The company aims to ease the process of setting up home renovation jobs. It's important to note that DC has covered the startup immensely since it's inception, and even included it on our 2018 realLIST at the #8 spot. Hall declined to speak on the lawsuit, but he did answer some questions about Remodelmate's business model Bostic reached out to me on May 22 stating that "Chad Hall of Remodelmate has legal issues." She claimed the CEO who represents his company in this legal matter lost a case to her in November 2018, but was refusing to pay. Bostic filed a lawsuit against the startup in May 2018 for a judgement of $22, 050, after Remodelmate failed to complete a remodel project of Bostic's bathroom. The project was supposed to be completed by December 2017, but Bostic ultimately had to get the job done by another company in 2018. Here's a rough timeline of how this situation went from a remodeling job to a lawsuit:
  • Nov. 2017: Bostic connected with Hall after she posted a remodeing inquiry on the Renovation School Facebook group and he reached out to her to tell her about Remodelmate
  • Nov. 28, 2017: Bostic signed a contract with Remodelmate and LDM Construction Services to turn her Jack and Jill bathroom into two full bathrooms. At this time, she was told that the project would only take three weeks and would be completed before Christmas
  • Dec. 2, 2017: Work on the bathroom began
  • Nov. 2018: Remodelmate failed to appear in court
  • July 19, 2019: After Remodelmate continuously missed appearing in court, Bostic was issued a judgement of $22, 050 from the company's bank, Navy Federal Union
"Chad didn't show up in court last week and a bench warrant for failure to appear was issued. On top of that, another couple issuing him for the $100,000+ damage he did to their home. My case is in Fairfax County District Court. The second case is in D.C. Watch out for him. He's not ethical," Bostic told this in regards to the XXXX court date. Remodelmate enlisted Danny Martinez as the lead contractor to remodel Bostic's bathroom while Hall acted as the project manager. ___________________________________________________________________________________ In the midst of trying to resolve her lawsuit, Bostic tried to reach Hall on from multiple avenues like this email she shared:   And even this tweet: is getting a new look.

The city’s Office of Innovation and Technology launched a prototype site and wants your feedback on it. New prototypes will launch every two weeks, according to a city release.


“This project is about more than just a facelift,” Chief Innovation Officer Adel Ebeid said in a statement. “It’s about redesigning the experience customers have interacting with city government online.”

The prototype is simpler than the current, which inundates the user with lots of options.

Civic Technology Director Aaron Ogle and Civic Technology Engineer Gabriel Farrell are working on this project, along with fellow OIT staffers Majdoleen Shehab, Karissa Demi, Tammy Mullin, and Kyle Odum, said Chief Data Officer Tim Wisniewski.

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