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Room for growth among Baltimore’s ‘innovative transportation’ options: report

Baltimore ranked 24th among U.S. cities in offering transportation services that make it possible to ditch your car.

With Uber and Lyft seemingly thriving and other cities still lacking ridesharing services, Baltimore seems like it’s in a good place when it comes to “innovative transportation.” When compared with other cities, however, the city could still have more, according to a study compiled by Maryland PIRG and Frontier Group.
The study ranks Baltimore 24th among U.S. cities on its Innovative Transportation Index, putting it among the study’s second tier of cities with “Growing Options.”
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The study wasn’t limited to ridesharing apps. The group also factored in the availability of car-sharing services, bike-sharing and apps for navigating public transit and hailing cabs.
Baltimore scored well when it comes to ridesharing and ridesourcing, and the study found some access to public transit data. It wasn’t all high marks, though.
“Baltimore residents currently lack access to a municipal bike share program or transit agency apps to purchase virtual tickets,” the study said. 
None of the 74 cities have all of the 11 available options. The top three — Austin San Francisco and Washington, D.C. — have 10 out of 11.
The report is designed to show how technology has made it possible to live without owning car.
“The cities in this report all host a variety of services or tools that make it easier for Americans — and Millennials especially — to lead a car-free or car-light lifestyle,” the report found. “Having a suite of options allows people to spontaneously choose the most convenient option for them.”


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