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Maryland cybersecurity company SecuLore Solutions is helping to assess the state’s 911 system

The Anne Arundel County company is joining with Mission Critical Partners to document assets and potential vulnerabilities.

If only they had this button. (Emergency 911 button by Odua Images via Shutterstock)

Maryland’s 911 network is set to get a cybersecurity review from a pair of firms.
State College, Pa.–based Mission Critical Partners and Anne Arundel County–based SecuLore Solutions received a contract from the Maryland Emergency Numbers Board to determine potential vulnerabilities and future needs of network infrastructure.
According to a news release, the study is designed to help prepare the state for any future transition to Next Generation 911 (NG911), the internet-based 911 system that enables texts and images to be transmitted during an emergency along with calls. Maryland announced plans to introduce text-to-911 service earlier this year, but not all of the capabilities associated with Next Generation 911 are in place.
While it means new capabilities and potentially faster response times for emergency workers, the transition could come with security risks.
“As evidenced by the cyber-attacks we’ve seen across the country, we know legacy systems are at risk, and in moving to an all IP NG911 system, there are new and different vulnerabilities for which public safety will need to be prepared,” SecuLore Solutions CEO Tim Lorello said in a statement.
For the audit, the two companies will look to complete a “discovery” of all existing network assets, as well as complete a review of the level of risk for 911 centers in Baltimore city and all Maryland counties.
SecuLore Solutions has a focus on protecting public safety from cyber threats. In this case, it’s working in its home state to further that mission.


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