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Here’s what Delaware lawmakers tweeted on the Capitol insurrection’s first anniversary

Some spoke up, some sat it out. Here's what we saw on Twitter on Jan. 6, 2022.

Sen. Chris Coons during the electoral college certification on Jan. 6, 2021.


It’s the first anniversary of the Capitol insurrection of Jan. 6, 2022. Just as we did last year, is looking at what our lawmakers in Delaware are saying about the shocking attack.

In 2021, we included news coverage of what local lawmakers, especially those who were there in the Capitol when it happened, were saying. Across’s markets, we also covered why companies halted campaign donations, why some of us were not surprised by the eventhow to talk to your team about it and more:

This year, most state and local Delaware lawmakers didn’t tweet about the anniversary (that we saw), though all three of Delaware’s federal congresspeople did.

Sen. Tom Carper was direct:

Sen. Chris Coons was not going to be held back by Twitter’s word limit. He released a statement that stresses healing and bipartisanship, but it directly calls out Trump for “egging on” the mob that sought to stop the certification.

Our one and only representative in the House, Lisa Blunt Rochester, who was famously seen praying as the mob tried to violently break in to the House Chambers, posted a clip of a Good Morning America piece where she and other survivors talked about the trauma of Jan. 6 — and recommitted herself to democracy.

Not a lot of state senators tweeted about the anniversary that we saw. It’s not a surprise that one of the few who did was Sen. Sarah McBride, who is known for speaking her mind and not holding back:

State Sen. Marie Pinkney posted a frank thread to mark the anniversary, where she cautioned people about being optimistic without learning from the lessons of that day. (Recommendation: Read the whole thing.)

State Sen. Bryan Townsend shared a message by civil rights advocate Bernice King:

And finally, President Joe Biden, who is, of course, the leader of the entire nation, but will always be tied to Delaware nevertheless: In addition to a speech to mark the day, he tweeted this:

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