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New York City’s FY2017 capital budget, in bubbles

Data guru Chris Whong strikes again with yet more budget fun.

Sift through a much more manageable city capital budget. (Screenshot)

What does the city spend money on? Well, as it turns out, probably the stuff you think it does: education, highway bridges, sewers.
Brooklyn data guru Chris Whong made a lil data visualization of the budget and put it online. Unlike the budget itself, it’s simple and fun to look at. Each bubble on the screen is scaled to its portion of the capital budget. Scrolling over the bubbles will tell you what they are and how much money has been apportioned for them. There’s also a list of every department or project on the right, and scrolling over the titles there will highlight the corresponding bubble. Have fun!
And if you’re into creative FY2017 NYC capital budget projects, check out this one, by Sam Sandberg, which is a whole website with random line items from the capital budget.

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