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Don’t park in Dumbo when it snows

Dumbo is low priority when it comes to plowing, according to city data. That's great for Instagram, but crappy for parking.

As this map shows, plowing in Dumbo is low priority. Read the post for an explanation. (Screensot via PlowNYC)

Bookmark this for next winter.
As NYC opens up more and more of its data, the city is sharing the good, the bad and the ugly in terms of city policies. The truth is, a city has to make decisions about where to plow streets. Everything can’t be a priority.
So, PlowNYC exists: a map that tells you which streets get plowed first and which come next.
How does your street rank?
Big lesson for the tech community from this map: Everything in Dumbo is next.
Considering its tiny, weird little streets, this is not exactly stunning news, but there it is in black and white. Well, more like red, blue and grey, to be precise.
Here’s the legend:

  • Red street: top priority.
  • Blue: secondary.
  • Yellow: tertiary.
  • Green: not plowed by the city.
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