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Drone delivery coming to a Maryland prison near you?

Two perps were arrested in Western Maryland on Saturday for trying to air-drop synthetic marijuana and porn.

The would-be contraband delivery drone. (Photo courtesy of the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services)

Amazon isn’t the only enterprise with aspirations of drone delivery. Maryland State Police say they arrested two men who were planning to use a UAV to smuggle contraband into a state prison.
The two men were arrested outside the state prison in Crespatown, Md., after police saw their vehicle. Police already had them under surveillance for a potential drone job, and searched the car. They found a drone inside, potential contraband and a gun.
Baltimore Sun reporter Alison Knezevitch reports that the contraband was a brand of synthetic marijuana called K2 spice and CDs containing pornography.

Even before Saturday night, authorities were suspicious of the pair delivering contraband to a particular inmate. When they searched that inmate’s cell after Saturday’s arrest, they found contraband.
But police haven’t been able to determine whether that means the two suspects already made a successful drone drop. We’ve asked for more info and will update if it becomes available.

Companies: State of Maryland

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