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Data Coalition launches sister organization to promote #opendata

The new Data Foundation will focus on open data research and education, with an eye toward spreading the reach of the civic tech movement.

Data Foundation is out to prove open data's value, through research. (Photo by Flickr user Kevin Burkett, used under a Creative Commons license)

The South Capitol Hill-based Data Coalition (previously the Data Transparency Coalition), an open data trade association, announced the launch of sister organization last week. Meet Data Foundation.
The newly-created Data Foundation “will illuminate the benefits of transforming government information into standardized, open data” through research. The Foundation’s website touts the organization as “the nation’s first industry-focused open data research organization.”

Essentially the idea is this — open data is hot right now. But as policy makers race to implement open data regulations, there is a need to understand what these regulations can do for government, and also what it can’t. This is where the Data Foundation comes in.
According to a statement, the Foundation’s early supporters include the “leading companies” of the Coalition, as well as Kearney & Company.
In addition to research the Foundation will conduct educational programs and sponsor events. First up on the events roster is one you’ve probably already heard about — Open Data Day DC 2016.


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