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James H. Lee ("Jim") has a long and successful track record in investment management and research. Prior to founding StratFI, he led the investment committee and managed more than $700 million at Lau Associates, now a part of Bryn Mawr Trust. He began his career in 1991 working as a financial planner for American Express Financial Advisors (now Ameriprise). More recently, Jim has gained media attention as Delaware's only professional futurist. A popular keynote speaker and presenter on trends, Jim has traveled throughout the country and abroad, sharing his unique insights on "what happens next?"

What’s so special about SPACs? growth

Nov. 12, 2020 7:28 am

What’s so special about SPACs?

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies offer the allure of mingling with the rich and provide an opportunity for rapid gains. But there's a catch: You don't know what you'll end up owning.
Here’s a look at 2020 economic trends from a Delaware futurist growth

Jan. 23, 2020 7:16 am

Here’s a look at 2020 economic trends from a Delaware futurist

2019 was full of economic surprises — mostly delightful, writes investment advisor Jim Lee, who has some ideas about what that means for this year.

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