Here's your chance to ask anything about sponsored content -


Feb. 2, 2016 3:01 pm

Here’s your chance to ask anything about sponsored content

How we do it. Why we do it. How you can get involved. Join us on the Slack for an AMA on Feb. 5.
Talking content at the Technically Media all-team day, December 2015.

Talking content at the Technically Media all-team day, December 2015.

(Photo by Brian James Kirk)

As you may know, we do things differently around here.

Whether you call it native advertising, content marketing or advertorial content, calls it sponsored content. These are reported stories with input from brands like Comcast, Longwood Gardens, Microsoft and Citi Bike that live right in our news feed, in front of a growing audience of people who care about local impact.

On Friday, Feb. 5, during an AMA on our public Slack, Technically Media is giving you a behind-the-scenes peek at how we do sponsored ‘tent.

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Here’s what to expect:

1. Meet the team behind Technically Creative

Our content studio is made up of SEO experts, advertising veterans and digital media pros who believe authentic and engaging sponsored content delivers the best experience to both readers and advertisers. Say hi to the team:

Alisha Miranda.

Alisha Miranda. (Photo by Clay Williams)

Alisha Miranda is’s Client Success Manager. Ask her about best practices for delivering sponsored content and display advertising packages.


Cary Betagole.

Cary Betagole. (Photo by Catherine Sontag)

Cary Betagole is’s Product Manager. Ask him about his process for conceptualizing sample headlines that work and what data metrics will boost engagement.

Anthony Wojciechowski

Anthony Wojciechowski. (Courtesy photo)

Anthony Wojciechowski is’s Business and Product Consultant. Ask him about digital products that work best across the network.

2. Learn the creative process

Technically Media offers custom sponsored content and display advertising packages designed for engagement across both brands we publish: local tech news network and social impact site Generocity.

We’ve nailed down a collaborative approach that results in our three favorite Es: enjoyment, enlightenment and ease. Ask the Technically Media team more about this philosophy and what a typical campaign process looks like.

3. Get involved

Freelancers: get paid to write sponsored content. is actively growing a curated network of local contributors that works with clients to identify the story, interview sources and produce the content. Our content studio then distributes it to the right audience and reports on the results. Writing stories that pass editorial muster while satisfying client objectives is always the goal.

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Other questions we might touch on during our Slack AMA include:

  • How long is a sponsored article?
  • What content qualifies for sponsored content?
  • What is the disclosure for sponsored content? 
  • Can I see some examples of sponsored content?
  • What clients have you already worked with?

Get your best questions ready. We’re game. Friday, Feb. 5 at 1 p.m.

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