10 Brooklyn-made games we want to play

Writing about games isn't as good as playing them. Here are 10 Brooklyn games we'd like to try out.

Play AR showing trees to be cleared by slingshot atop a table inside an NYU building.

We’ve written about a lot of really fun-sounding games made by Brooklyn creators, but we haven’t gotten a chance to play all of them.
We also recently wrote about Scott Stedman and Mike Caprio’s new alpha-mode startup Listicles, and wanted to give it a try.
So here goes: cool games in listicle form.
(View this list as a proper Listicle, where you can weigh in and even remix it.)

Game of Phones

Game of Phones cards. (Courtesy photo)

This is a game that requires users to play with their smartphones throughout. A deck of cards has a set of smartphone-powered tasks on them. Groups of players compete to finish the task first, or in whatever way the card says you win. The player who wins the most cards by the end wins. We wrote about the game in April.


Play AR

Mark Skwarek demoes Play AR on a phone. (Photo by Brady Dale)

An augmented reality game where you can set up real territory in the real world with virtual armaments. Every player plays it in real time. Whether you are peaceful or aggressive is up to you. We wrote about its creator, an NYU Poly prof, here.


Phone Tag!

(Image courtesy of Operation:CMYK)

Made my a design firm in Gowanus, this iOS game turns your real life into an iOS roleplaying game. We wrote about the game earlier this month.




(Image courtesy of Insomnia)

This is an online roleplaying game about a giant ark barreling through space. When you join the game changes how you experience it. Maybe. It took its creators two tries to succeed on Kickstarter, but they wrapped strong on their second effort.


Code Monkey Island


(Image courtesy of Code Monkey Island)

A board game that gets kids started on the fundamentals of how code works. We wrote about its Kickstarter campaign in May.



(Image courtesy of the Sunburn team)

Your ship is lost. You’re too far out in space to ever be rescued. Your best bet for your crew is to die together. Can you imagine a more depressing iOS game? Awesome, right? This is one of the recent games to go live out of the NYU Game Center’s incubator.


The Hero Trap

(Image courtesy of SMASHWORX)

A dungeon crawler where you can change your powers on the fly. We wrote about its crowdfunding campaign in April.


Kingdom Death: Monster

One of the figurines from Kingdom Death: Monster. (Image courtesy of Kingdom Death)

This cooperative board game about escaping an impossible situation blew its crowdfunding goal away, probably in part due to its amazingly detailed figures.



(Image courtesy of Metagame)

This game is all about making up ridiculous conversations. We were born for this.


Moby Dick: The Card Game

(Photo courtesy of King Post)

Yes, that Moby Dick. Need we say more? The same company also has a game coming together about Beowulf.

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