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Forget electric scooters, golf carts are the new thing. Will we see them in Philly?

As WilminGo launches Friday, its app-hailed electric golf cart will start zooming down the streets of Wilmington, Del. Might they come up I-95?

Update: WilminGo is pushing back its launch to mid-September. Read more here(8/23/18, 12:58 p.m.)

As of this Friday, if you’re within a specific, 39-block area of Wilmington, Del., you can tap a mobile app and have an electric golf cart scoop you up and take you where you need to go.

The ride-hailing company, WilminGo, is the product of a partnership between real estate firm Buccini/Pollin Group and the University of Delaware’s Horn Entrepreneurship, and is run by Horn students Andrew Cercena and Matthew Lombardi. 

As our sister site Delaware reports, the service will charge a flat transportation fee of $3 for up to two people. For three to five folks, the fee is $5.

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WilminGo follows a trend that’s popping up in other cities like Memphis or Nashville. But let’s put things in context: WilminGo starts small, with literally one cart zipping riders around downtown.

And now, for the question that you’re actually here for: Will we see tiny golf carts duke it out with rush hour traffic on Broad Street?

“[We’re] always looking to grow but our core market is the greater Wilmington area for now,” Buccini/Pollin Group COO Dan McCarthy said in an email.

“But [there’s] no reason why Philly could not do something similar,” adds Ted Foltyn, a professor at UD Horn. “They are electric, street legal and fun!”


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