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Maryland Venture Fund rounds out revamped team

Chief Marketing Officer Parag Sheth is the final senior hire following the fund's transition to TEDCO.

Gov. Larry Hogan made his first post-victory remarks at TEDCO's Entrepreneur Expo in late 2014. (Photo by Tyler Waldman)

The Maryland Venture Fund is done filling out its management ranks following the organization’s transition to TEDCO.

Parag Sheth. (Courtesy photo)

Parag Sheth. (Courtesy photo)

About a year after moving from the purview of the state’s Department of Commerce to the quasi-public venture arm, MVF announced the addition of Parag Sheth as director and chief marketing officer. He previously worked in sales and marketing in both startup and corporate settings, most recently at Radius Worldwide. After building businesses backed by venture firms, Sheth said he was intrigued at the opportunity to “experience the other side.”
He joins Managing Director Andy Jones, as well as Moss Amer, Phil Jung and Arti Santhanam on the team.
The revamped fund is looking to make investments in companies that are post–angel round but pre–Series A (where institutional firms would typically get involved). Sheth said the fund will be “agnostic” when it comes to industry, but wants to be selective about finding high-growth companies that the team can advise.
The attitude is this: “Let’s find the company, find the entrepreneurs that we believe have the opportunity to succeed. Combined with our ability to write the check, let’s find a way to help these companies grow and be successful in the region,” Sheth said.
Earlier this year, the Maryland Venture Fund led an add-on to Healthcare Interactive’s Series A.

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