Hands up if you’re ready to party during Philly Tech Week

T-minus 14 days till the tech community's biggest party of the year.

The author lets loose at the PTW17 Signature Event.

(Photo by Stacey Salter Moore)

I can’t believe it either, but we actually made it to Philly Tech Week 2018 presented by Comcast, our eighth annual celebration of tech and creative thinking in Philadelphia. After countless emails, connections and collaborative efforts from you beautiful people, it’s time. We’re standing upon the gates of what some most would categorize as the go-to event for the Philadelphia tech community.

The PTW18 Signature Event is the one place you find the week’s supporters on all levels come together to cut loose. Sponsors, partners, community organizers and volunteers alike finally get to celebrate each other and the work they’ve produced.

But let’s keep it real: This party is for everybody.

This year decided to shut down a local favorite to turn up the fun. In case you missed our in-person announcement, the iconic Reading Terminal Market agreed to let the Philly tech scene take over it’s aisles for a night. I hope they know what they’ve signed on for.

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Beyond partying like a VIP in the typically tourist-filled eatery, you can get to know the place like never before. Even this Philly native will be trying most of these local delicacies for the first time.

Check out some of the dinner offerings and drool:

  • Center Salad Bar from Tootsie’s Salad Express
  • Mini Cheese Steak Halves from Spataro’s
  • Louisiana Spiced Cajun Fries from Becks
  • Southern Fried Chicken Fingers from Molly Malloy’s
  • Gourmet Veggie Pizza Strip Bites from By George
  • Soup Shooters from Hershel’s East Side Deli
  • Potato Pierogi from Franks A Lot
  • Mini Corn Dog Lollipops from Fox & Son
  • Mini Roast Pork Sandwich Halves from DiNic’s
  • Mini Cheese Steaks from Carmen’s
  • Mini Falafel Wraps from Kamal’s Middle Eastern
  • Mini Lamb Gyros from Olympia Gyro

Don’t stuff yourself too much, you have games to play!


Demos are still being locked but there’s already a lot to consume:

  • ImmersiveXR is producing multiple experiences that include boxing a robot and being a Philly mascot for the day.
  • Challenge someone else and their plus one in the multiplayer experience of Super Rock Blasters.
  • Use shapes, colors and your fingertips to create music with Specdrums.

By now you’re probably thirsty and may need to stop by one of the three multiple open bars (featuring beer, wine and soft drinks). I’d double down on that suggestion if you need to take the edge off of my personal favorite part about the closing party: The dance floor! We’ve dedicated a space to dancing the last two years, and we’re not stopping in 2018.

But wait, there’s more!

You can’t leave without dessert. Be sure to pick up these offering before you leave:

  • Small Ice Cream Cones from Bassett’s Ice Cream
  • Truffles from Flying Monkey Bakery
  • Asher’s Salted Caramel from Pennsylvania General Store
  • Beignets from Beck’s Cajun Cafe
  • Coffee & Tea Service at Old City Coffee

Last but not least, grab your complimentary PTW18 T-shirt. We hope you snuggle up in it and dream about the best Philly Tech Week yet … eventually. When the party ends at 10:30 p.m., we’re headed to the afterparty. Sleep can wait.

Oh you didn’t know? We’ve been planning this for the last six months and it’s time to celebrate.

You don’t want to take all of this greatness for granted. So be sure to secure your ticket now — because like all underrated things, the price is going up!

Thank you to all our 2018 Philly Tech Week Signature Event sponsors:

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